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Open to 9 – 12th grade high school students

Deadline to submit is May 22nd, 2020 

Awards for each category: 

$100 First Place 

$75 Second Place 

$50 Third Place 

$25 Fourth Place 

The submission must respond to one of the four prompts and should be prose, not poetry. The submission must be the original work of the student. It must not exceed 1,000 words. Cover page is not included in the word count. Must be a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx), double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font. No identification information of the student should be included anywhere EXCEPT on the cover page. One creative writing piece can be submitted per student.

Submission should include: 

- a cover page with the student’s full name, email address, grade, name of school, and the word count 

- creative writing story that is either: 

  • Short fiction story – a short story that is not true, but must have realistic elements. 
  • Nonfiction essay – based on true events, either personal or of someone else. 

- written in response to one of the four writing prompts below: 

  1. Write a story where your main character is faced with a choice, and the outcome is not what they expected. 
  2. Write a story that takes place in the spring about a character that achieves a goal. 
  3. Write a story about how COVID-19 has impacted you, your school, Memphis, the United States, and/or the world. 
  4. Write a story about the positive and negative effects of technology. 

Judging Criteria: 

- grammar, spelling, and punctuation (20%) 

- clarity/effectiveness of theme(s) (30%) 

- originality and creativity for topic approach and overall final result (50%) 

Please direct questions to Sydney Wright at sydney.wright [at] peerpowerfoundation [dot] org


I want to be somebody, someday!

Malcom V. Rawls

Peer Power is a phenomenal program that is about bettering the lives of hundreds of students, one day at a time.  The name itself exemplifies how powerful this program is.  Through intensive commitment and dedication, complimented with wise leadership, Peer Power is able to effectively transform the lives of students through education and mentorship.  With the help of Peer Power, these students are able to recognize the unlimited possibilities afforded to them within the community and the world.  Peer Power creates a perpetuating cycle of leadership development that molds the young minds of our future, builds their academic and social skills, and converts them into productive global citizens.  The creed of Peer Power says it all: "mastering reading, writing, and speaking skills lays the foundation for making the future of these young people TEN TIMES BETTER."