Ready For The New School Year!

August 1st, 2019

As we look forward, we are excited the Daily Memphian has shared the work we have done over the summer and highlighted Peer Power's positive impact in our community through peer tutoring and mentoring.

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I want to make my future TEN TIMES BETTER!

Malcom V. Rawls

Peer Power is a phenomenal program that is about bettering the lives of hundreds of students, one day at a time.  The name itself exemplifies how powerful this program is.  Through intensive commitment and dedication, complimented with wise leadership, Peer Power is able to effectively transform the lives of students through education and mentorship.  With the help of Peer Power, these students are able to recognize the unlimited possibilities afforded to them within the community and the world.  Peer Power creates a perpetuating cycle of leadership development that molds the young minds of our future, builds their academic and social skills, and converts them into productive global citizens.  The creed of Peer Power says it all: "mastering reading, writing, and speaking skills lays the foundation for making the future of these young people TEN TIMES BETTER."