Peer Power's Two-State Half Marathon Spanning Big River Crossing Returns this November

May 3rd, 2018

Peer Power Foundation is pleased to announce the second-annual Big River Crossing Half Marathon + 5K, to be held on November 3, 2018. The half marathon is the only of its kind to allow participants to cross the Arkansas-Tennessee state line via the Big River Crossing, a one-mile long pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi River.

All race proceeds will benefit Peer Power Foundation, a Memphis-based nonprofit that recruits and trains high-performing high school and college students to tutor and mentor their peers.

Conceived in 2005 by successful entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist Charlie McVean, Peer Power combines a performance-based compensation model with the powerful effects of peer groups, creating a unique student-to-student tutoring method that offers students tangible incentives to drive each other to success.

During the 2015-2016 school year, Peer Power partnered with University of Memphis and Shelby County Schools to create The Memphis Model, an extension of their unique tutoring system that recruits University of Memphis students to become Success Coaches to Shelby County School students. The Memphis Model has employed 253 Success Coaches, dramatically reducing teacher-to-student ratios in classrooms and giving teachers much more flexibility in their lesson planning. Last year, Peer Power’s presence in Whitehaven High School heavily influenced its highest percentage of high school graduates ever, jumping to 92 percent up from 78 percent since the program was introduced in 2006.

“Over 600 people from 16 different states and one foreign country participated in last year’s races, and we have every intention of lapping those numbers this year,” said McVean, who was also instrumental in the development of Big River Crossing. “It’s exhilarating to see the momentum at which the profiles of these races and of Big River Crossing grow, because I know that every ounce of support goes back to our children’s success and our city’s future.”

The half marathon course gives racing enthusiasts the opportunity to place a border-crossing race on their list of milestones, as it starts along Riverside Drive, then over Big River Crossing through the Big River Trail, a 7-mile paved path through the Arkansas floodplains with riverside views. The half marathon rounds out with a breathtaking view of the Downtown Memphis skyline.

In addition to the half marathon, a 5K will run its course through Downtown Memphis. The 5K features views of Big River Crossing, but 5K runners will not physically cross the Big River Crossing. Both races will start at Tom Lee Park—the 5K at 8 a.m., followed by the half marathon at 8:30 a.m.

At approximately 1-mile long, Big River Crossing is the country’s longest active bike-pedestrian rail bridge and the longest public pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi River. It has become a nationally-recognized landmark for runners and cyclists since its launch in October of 2016, and the Big River Crossing Half Marathon will mark the bridge’s two-year anniversary.

Runners can register for the race now with early bird rates by visiting

Race organizers are currently seeking sponsors to support the mission of Peer Power and benefit from this especially unique opportunity.

“Peer Power and Big River Crossing have two different missions, yet both encourage a sense of discovery, a belief that you can do things you never thought you could before,” said Dennis Ring, Peer Power’s Development Director. “I think a partnership between the two is very fitting, and sponsorship is a fantastic opportunity to be associated with two city organizations that promote broadening your horizons and breaking your limits.”

Contact dennis.ring [at] peerpowerfoundation [dot] org for more information related to sponsorship.

ABOUT PEER POWER FOUNDATION. Peer Power is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 that recruits and trains high-performing students to tutor and mentor their peers, encourage active learning, value education and be personally accountable for their futures. Its mission is to inspire and empower youth to take control of their academic success.

In 2015, Peer Power announced an expansion of its initial high school program—entitled the Memphis Model—in partnership with Shelby County Schools and University of Memphis. The program now employs over 100 University of Memphis “Success Coaches,” or tutors, who are trained and deployed into classrooms at East High School and Whitehaven High School. Three coaches work in each SCS teacher directed classroom, drastically reducing the teacher-to-student ratio. Peer Power tutors now serve over 1,000 students across Memphis.

For more information, visit

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Robert C. Buggs

Peer Power is an enrichment program that helps students succeed both inside and outside the classroom.  This description alone does not serve the program justice because it does so much more.  Peer Power has taught me many life lessons and opened so many doors for me.  Peer Power allows individuals, both adults and adolescents, to partake in activities that he or she may not be accustomed to.  The program aided me in knowing that there is so much in the world to learn, see, and experience.  Over these past six years, the program has bought me laughter, knowledge, and most importantly, comradery.  I enjoy seeing the faces of the program both in the office and outside as well.  These faces that are seen throughout the program are not just my coworkers, but my Peer Power Family.  It happened without me knowing it and I would not change it for the world.  Peer Power is the home where I learned that nothing is impossible, the home where dreams come true, and the home where my heart is.  Although I am out working, earning degrees, and living life, I will never forget my beginning with Peer Power.  As I grow, Peer Power grows, as I achieve, Peer Power achieves, and as I live, Peer Power lives through me.