New Board Member, Dr. Rajiv Grover

December 15th, 2016

Dr. Rajiv Grover, Dean Fogelman College of Business and Economics (FCBE), University of Memphis, has accepted the invitation to join our Board, effective immediately.

Rajiv has held positions at Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, University of Georgia, and Johns Hopkins prior to tenure at the University of Memphis. He was appointed Dean in 2009 and has worked with nearly almost business leaders in our region. Additionally, he has consulted with and conducted executive programs for AT&T, Alcoa, KPMG, Texas Instruments, Citibank, IBM, Microsoft, Eli Lily, and many other Fortune 500 corporations.

He received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts, MBA Indian Institute of Management, and Electrical Engineering degree from The Indian Institute of Technology.

The Dean will be very active in Peer Power, which began a program in the FCBE in 2013.

He sees Peer Power work every day, believes in it, and wants to help us grow programmatically, financially while increasing business support.

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I must always work harder than others.

Jennifer Williams

I am a Junior at the University of Memphis, and my majors include criminal justice and social work. I work at East High School as a Success Coach within Peer Power. First and foremost, Peer Power is more than just a job. Peer Power is fellowship and understanding combined with the encouragement and tools needed to be the best that I can be, both in and outside of work. It’s taking that encouragement and those tools and empowering high school students to do the same. Peer Power has impacted me as an individual by giving me the opportunity to positively impact the lives of students, teachers, and my peers, as well as giving me life skills that I will utilize throughout my entire life.