A Positive Progress Report

October 1st, 2019

Success Coach Spotlight! 

Klavey Jardine joined Peer Power this summer during Success Coach training. Tag along as we follow his story through his first semester in the classroom.

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I must always work harder than others.

Matthew Carney

Matthew Carney is a graduate of the University of Memphis. He holds a degree in Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies. Matt is a US Army veteran with two tours of duty in Iraq. He knows the value of discipline, hardwork and education.

 He began working with Peer Power in 2015 as a Success Coach at Whitehaven High School. Matthew is also a certified instructor at Peer Power ACT University helping students from all over Shelby County prepare for the ACT exam. In 2017, Matthew became the Associate Program Director at Havenview Middle and continues to work in and out of the classroom helping to make the education experience and the future for today's young scholars,,,, ten times better!