Mahbubul Hasan

Mahbubul Hasan now a doctoral student of the Human Development area in the Dept. of Educational Psychology, University of Memphis. He received his  both Bachelor and Masters from Institute of Education and Research(IER), University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh. His research interest includes New Media and Technology for Children, Epistemic Cognition, Motivation, Personal Epistemology, Learning and Game Design. Hasan also works as a Graduate Research Assistant in Educational Psychology Department in University of Memphis. Hasan is being awarded University President Award (David Rudd Award) for bringing significant contribution in developing "Memphis Model" from Peer Power Foundation in 2015. Recently in the Student Research Forum 2017 his research was called as most impactful research for campus and surrounding community in memphis and awarded distinguish research award. Hasan has long term plan to help local Memphis k-12 students to achieve better and brighter life through education and advance technology use.  Hasan added, Peer Power holds one of the best model in our education system because it reduce the teacher student ratio in class, which is/was a problem for our education, right? Go Peer Power! Go Tigers! 

Cortney Richardson

We have a star working for us! Program Director, Cortney Richardson, sings the National Anthem on Thursday, January 5 at the University of Memphis vs UConn game. Cortney is a founding tutor of Peer Power and University of Memphis graduate.

Cortney Richardson

Peer Power is proud to announce that our very own Cortney Richardson will sing the national anthem at the 2017 Elite 8 Sotuthern Regional at the FedEx Forum. Tune in Sunday, March 26th!

I want to make my future TEN TIMES BETTER!


April L. Jones

During my time with the program, I have had the privilege of working with outstanding individuals and future professionals.  From being involved in the program, my whole perspective of involvement and service oriented learning has grown.  The program can be analogous to wearing contact lenses; imagine that your doctor has given you a prescription to wear corrective lenses.  If you only wore one contact lens, your vision would be foggy and unclear.  Before Peer Power came to many schools, the aspirations and mental pictures of the many were bleak, foggy, and dim.  Yet once the fusion of Peer Power and the Memphis City School systems began, the goals and expectations of students became clearer and more focused in the same way as a great pair of contacts.  I am convinced that this program will continuously reach new pinnacles as fresh ideas and different individuals blend.  I am an eye witness to this each time I meet a new scholar and college mentor.