Peer Power approaches education reform by empowering students themselves to help each other. The dedicated support of parents, guardians, teachers, coaches, and administrators is critical to helping our young people succeed.  Peer Power knows that we need to do more, however.  To make the progress we need to make in the public schools we have right now, we must better utilize our most precious and powerful natural resource: our students.

Tutors work with scholars one hour after school Monday through Thursday. Wednesday evenings and Saturday sessions are conducted for three and one-half hours.  Science Saturdays are held once a month and have a science, technology, education, and math (STEM) curriculum, which is integrated with the daily after school programs. The Career Saturday is a monthly activity hosted by local businesses and colleges that exposes students to the careers and skills they need to be fully employed and productive citizens.

I must always work harder than others.


Mario J. Fortney

Mario Fortney is a Program Director at Whitehaven High School. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where he received a Master’s in Business Administration and Business Analytics.

 He has worked with Peer Power since (2004) its inception beginning  as a high school tutor. He earned a full academic scholarship to UT Knoxville.  He has made a very strong commitment to using his talent to positively impact education in Memphis. Mario is a huge proponent of the Peer Power Model and knows it will continue to demonstrate its contributions to students' academic achievement, social and civic growth.

"Peer Power is what is right about Memphis."